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AI Medi Scan joined and supported the Critical Supply Chain CRC

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

AI Medi Scan has officially became the partner of the Critical Supply Chain CRC program, A Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Medical Supply Chain.

The CRC program is a significant funding program from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, which supports Australian Startup Sectors to compete, produce and partner with the broader research sector.

Macquarie University is running the Critical Supply Chain CRC. In collaboration with world-renowned researchers, the Critical Supply Chain CRC brings together stakeholders in the medical supply ecosystem to forge a new future for medical supply chains.

“ The Critical Supply Chain CRC represents a 10-year mission to use Internet of Things and other technologies to revolutionise Australia’s medical products supply chain to be more resilient, more efficient, more responsive and more transparent. To establish a globally competitive and highly resilient supply chain for medical products.

A Brighter Future for AI Medi Scan

As the partner of Critical Supply Chain CRC, AI Medi Scan will be able to

  • have the access to the world's most advanced technology

  • strengthen and resiliency the supply chain

  • gain access to a cutting-edge network of suppliers and customers

  • be known as an innovative company that is at the forefront of Australia's medical products industry

  • create products in collaboration with customers

  • have an impact on the skills and training of our future workforce

  • acquire talents via the education and training program

Currently, there are over 40 partners working with Critical Supply Chain CRC, including the top universities, e.g. University of Melbourne and the top industrial entities, e.g. Cisco.

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