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Why not just choose the traditional detection alternative...

Visiting your doctor for concerns, twinges, and unusual spots on the skin is notorious for not being on the top of the mind of the average person. And we understand it!


Not all of us are in the capacity for regular visits to the doctor due to the cost of transportation and restrictions of the novel coronavirus in recent years.


In addition, the existing solutions for irregularities detection in the skin related to cancer are not very cost-effective. Not including the long-time turnaround of the medical assessment. Sounds a bit of a big deal for minor worries at home, even too much to pay for a current skin cancer patient.

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An at-home skin cancer detection, monitoring and diagnosis technology – Because this is what you need...

Telemedicine is a growing field, and skincare is not to be left out: Over the last several years, a handful of skin cancer detection apps popped up allowing you to analyze your skin with your smartphone and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Some send photos to a dermatologist, some provide instant feedback and others offer helpful reminders about self-checking your skin and scheduling a doctor's appointment. AI MediScan does them all.


​‘At home’ convenience:

Saves time and unnecessary travel especially for remote and regional customers.

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​Affordable diagnosis:
Compared to skin clinic checks and full body mole mapping services.


​​Lighting imaging assessment and collection technology:
Analyses skin cell functions based on molecular level activity which is superior to visual examination criteria.


​Time saved from invasive medical biopsy:
Skin cancer cell diagnosis immediately confirms skin cancer cells, bypassing the biopsy procedure and expediting the consumers surgical treatment process. critical time saved = saving lives.


Accurate diagnosis using AI technology:

Saving the need for invasive and often unnecessary biopsy. Improved accuracy compared to human visual diagnosis.

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Everything at your smartphone's fingertips - How AI Medi Scan works?

Step 1: Capture detect and diagnose a precise image of skin lesion areas through AI Medi Scan’s lighting imaging smartphone device

The lighting imaging device is fitted to a consumer’s smartphone and facilitates the collection of high-quality focused images, colours of cells and tissues to aid in the skin cancer risk rating assessment and diagnosis process.


The device allows the user to take a precise image of the skin lesion area including the capture of light and colour information to conduct a bio-photonics skin cancer analysis and diagnosis process.


This is particularly important as uses more skin cancer detection and assessment points to make the skin cancer diagnosis through its AI platform.


Step 2: Keep monitoring and diagnosing the skin cancer through AI Medi Scan’s smartphone application.

Not only does it look like what it is, a high-tech home clinical diagnostic device, but its features are as great as it appears.

Assess - Monitor - Book with GP - Repeat


AI Medi Scan’s App can easily pair with the imaging device that allows the captured image to upload to the App and to start the assessment process


It also has a user-friendly interface that will allow you to go through a training module on how to correctly capture lesion images and apply self-assessment techniques accurately and effectively.

Click the buttons for the functions.

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